Today, geospatial imagery is not just used for scientific research but for finding the information within GIS data. Geospatial image analysis assists in decision making for military and business operations. And, allows users to verifying the validity or quantity of field work or justifying investment expenses, and much more.


Environmental Management

environmental management

Our geospatial software solutions provide image analysis and data visualization tools for environmental montoring that are easy to use, scientifically accurate, and integrate with existing platforms such as ArcGIS® from Esri.

Defence and Security

defence and security

Our custom and off-the-shelf software tools let defense and intelligence personnel turn geospatial imagery and data into timely, accurate, actionable intelligence.

Oil, Gas & Mining

oil, gas and mining

Many problems faced by professionals that work in oil, gas, or economic mineral extraction from the earth can be addressed by deriving information from remotely sensed imagery.

Urban Planning

urban planning

Aerial photography and satellite images provide planners and public works officials with a bird’s eye view of the geography, assets, and infrastructure of their communities.