Whether you're creating forest inventories from LiDAR data, discovering mineral deposits using hyperspectral imagery, predicting future climate conditions based on historic numerical data, or anything in between, we have the software tools to get the job done. Products in the ENVI Platform and IDL deliver off-the-shelf and custom image analysis and data visualisation solutions that are easy to use, scientifically accurate, and integrate with existing platforms like ArcGIS® from Esri.

Manage Natural Resources

Manage Natural Resources

Our software solutions enable you to utilise and preserve natural resources to ensure the products, food, and energy we use are available to us now and in the future.

Forecast & Prepare for Natural Disasters

Forecast & Prepare for Natural Disasters

Use our geospatial image analysis tools to predict natural disasters and prepare and manage disaster response efforts.

Climate & Weather

Climate & Weather

Use our software tools to predict climate trends and forecast weather conditions that might exist tomorrow or even decades from now.


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Meet us at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2016 to learn about remote sensing techniques for monitoring our environment.

Whether your primary interest is forests, climate, meteorology, habitats, biological diversity, materials or energy conservation, our image processing and analysis solutions provide tools to address whatever environmental issues you may face.

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ENVI provides 'best results' for scientists tracking seabird breeding habits and colony

The World Conservation Union reports that the population of seabirds has deteriorated more rapidly than any other species group since 1988. More than a quarter are listed as threatened while one in twenty is considered critically endangered. Monitoring colonies is vital to understanding population sizes, breeding trends and the impact of a changing climate.

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SAR Processing for Agriculture Applications

Synthetic-aperture radar (SAR) imagery is playing an increasingly critical role, underpinning a range of applications in the environmental management and monitoring space. Understanding SAR data, available processing techniques, and its array of uses together help to realise the power of this earth observation method in addition to the traditional multispectral and hyperspectral techniques.

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