At Harris Geospatial Solutions, our Professional Services Group provides exceptional solutions to the most complex technological issues. We integrate advanced technologies with our expertise in data and imagery to help you solve problems through the use of geospatial imagery and scientific data. Our professional consultants have extensive knowledge of many industries and are capable of assessing, developing, and implementing solutions to your unique challenges.

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Challenges from a variety of industries, from government to commercial to scientific research, can often be solved by creating representations of complex data (data visualisation), or by utilising tools to help you understand the information contained in the pixels of an image.

Our Technologies

Professional Services Group

From data exploitation to image dissemination and NITF conversion, our technologies can be adapted to create innovated software solutions to meet your needs.

Our Capabilities

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Learn how our core competencies in Geospatial Imagery, Medical Imaging, and defence and Intelligence can be the foundation of your solution.

Our Professionals

Professional Services Group

Skilled in all aspects of project management and software engineering, our consultants can extend their expertise to any virtually industry and project.